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aqueous dry eye

noun. refers to the condition where the glands are not secreting enough oil or when the oil they secrete is of poor quality

The tears your eyes make do much more than show your sorrow when you cry. These glands produce a constant supply of liquid your eyes need to keep them moist at all times.


Each time you blink, the action drags tears along the surface of your eye. This keeps it wet, clean, and healthy. If your glands don't produce enough tears, you can get a condition called aqueous tear-deficient dry eye. It causes eye pain, redness, and vision problems.

The condition has several causes. Two major ones are:

  • Age: The condition gets more common as the years pass. Tear glands have trouble working well as you get older.

  • Sjogren's syndrome: This disease targets the glands that make tears and spit. So it causes dry eye and dry mouth. Your doctor may call it an autoimmune disease, which means your immune system, which normally works to protect your body, is attacking it instead. Women are more likely to get this disease than men. About 10% of people with dry eye have Sjogren's. This syndrome is associated with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder. 

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