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eye&I is paving the way for rethinking eyecare.

We believe eyecare is more than just an annual exam - it is the convergence of a
patient’s lifestyle and the doctor’s expertise to provide complete ocular wellness.


Great Neck

Operating as a primary eye care office, eye&I provides comprehensive annual eye exams, medical optometry services and contact lens fittings. We also offer a curated selection of frames and lens options to choose from, which will be made specifically for your eyes. Everyone's eyes are different and thus, we strive to give you the tailored eye care experience you deserve.

While offering top-quality eye care at our office in Bayside, we have expanded to Great Neck where our doctors are offering specialized evaluations and treatments for Dry Eye Disease, Myopia Control and Vision Therapy. The perfect treatment plan starts with proper evaluation and we offer the most innovative technology and expertise to help you towards complete ocular wellness.

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