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Our Vision

"the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision"

-Helen Keller

01 life:style

a.k.a what you do with your eyes
a.k.a  what you do for  your eyes 
a.k.a the most important part about rethinking eyecare

Now, you have done your part

let's discuss what WE are doing to rethink eyecare

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02 well:ness

complete ocular wellness is the perfect harmony between healthy eyeballs and functioning eyelids

Image by Eva Wilcock

YOUR EYELIDS: perfectly designed to provide not only to protect the human eye but also to allow an optimal environment by producing healthy tears that yield nutrients and ocular homeostasis.

YOUR EYES: provide sight which is arguably one of the most important senses of your body. Your eyes do more than simply giving you the ability to perceive the world. Your eyes provide a window for our doctors to perceive and understand your overall health because eyes often show the earliest signs of medical complications in a human body.

Rethinking eyecare requires our doctors to not only look inside your eyes but also focus on assessing the surroundings of your eye

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eye&I has partnered with industry leaders to bring the latest, and most innovative technologies to

rethink eyecare

Last, but not least

this is our philosophy of rethinking eyecare

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beauty is simply a byproduct of your life:style & well:ness


Image by Sebastian Dumitru

let's rethink eyecare.

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